Barbarossa 2021


From an exclusively biodynamic viticulture, interventions reduced to the minimum and always in harmony with the vineyard.

Barbarossa is a red wine made with a mix of red-grape varieties, both native of the territory and international ones. Some of them are known, others not so much.

Fermented wine with indigenous yeasts, in cement tanks; aged for at least 6 months in steel tanks and bottled unfiltered with a small addition of sulfur.

According to Marco and the Barbaboyz, Barbarossa is the fruit of passion. The ideal wine to taste with the best desecrating friends at a barbecue of juicy red meat, or to accompany fatty, aged cheese.

Ingredients: grapes and terroir. As simple as it is good.

Data Sheet

Title Range Discount
Sconto quantità 12 - 17 3%
Sconto quantità 18 - 23 5%
Sconto quantità 24 - 29 7%
Sconto quantità 30 + 10%

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