From an exclusively biodynamic viticulture, interventions reduced to the minimum and always in harmony with the vineyard.

Barbagraspa is made with pomaces from the aromatic grapes cultivated by the Barbaboyz, which usually compose the Barbabolla base wine.

The distillation comes by traditional continuous steam system.

According to Marco and the Barbaboyz, Barbagraspa is synonymous with peace. The ideal grappa to sip during moments of meditation, alone or in rough company, and to accompany dark chocolate shards.

Ingredients: pomaces and terroir. As simple as it is good.

Data Sheet

Title Range Discount
Sconto quantità 12 - 17 3%
Sconto quantità 18 - 23 5%
Sconto quantità 24 - 29 7%
Sconto quantità 30 + 10%