Barbabolla 2022


From an exclusively biodynamic viticulture, interventions reduced to the minimum and always in harmony with the vineyard.

Barbabolla is a semi-sparkling white wine made with a mix of white-grape varieties native of the territory, some known, others not so much.

Wine based on indigenous fermentation, unfiltered and without the addition of sulfur dioxide; re-fermentation in the bottle with juice from dried grapes, not degourged.

According to Marco and the Barbaboyz, Barbabolla is pure energy. The ideal wine for “the endless aperitif of the weekend”, to combine with “cicchetti” (a small piece of stuffed bread) with raw ham and gorgonzola cheese, vegetables in batter or a generous portion of fried anchovies.

Ingredients: grapes and terroir. As simple as it is good.

Data Sheet

Title Range Discount
Sconto quantità 12 - 17 3%
Sconto quantità 18 - 23 5%
Sconto quantità 24 - 29 7%
Sconto quantità 30 + 10%

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