My name is Marco and I grew up in Madonna di Lonigo, in the province of Vicenza.
When I was very young, as soon as I completed my compulsory studies, I started working as a carpenter. Soon, however, I discovered an interest in biodynamics and anthroposophy, so I moved to the canton of Jura (Jura) in Switzerland to work as a cattle breeder and farmer of vegetables and fruit.
In 2015, back in Veneto, I started working with my friend Stefano Menti in the family business he ran with his father. Thanks to the enological experiences accumulated at the Menti Giovanni farm, I started to vinify the grapes of some vineyards I already managed, owned by old widows of my native town.
In 2016 Giulio Masato joined the Menti team – a friend, enologist and pruning expert, with whom I improved the agronomic aspects of my production. In 2017 I met Tommaso Verardo, at the time graduating, who during the harvest worked as a trainee at Menti.

From 2018, me, Giulio and Tommaso are a close-knit group, bound by the passion for biodynamic viticulture and respect for nature. For fun and pride we have set up this adventure, with the aim of producing genuine and wholesome wines from clean grapes.

We vinify and bottle at the Menti Giovanni farm.
Our dream is that our wine can communicate from the first sip the happiness and serenity that gives us at the time of drinking.